Waist size of kpop idols

Waist size of kpop idols

So, since I am a bit obsessed with weight-loss and keeping fit craze, it is not a surprise when an article on fitness and exercise in magazines captures my full attention. Knowing that those answers are probably prepared in order to increase their fandom population so that fangirls come swooning in, I still enjoy reading those just to see how creative the answers can get.

Recently, I came across an article in a magazine and it shows about ideal body ratio for an Asian woman. The magazine is ViVi if I remember it right Anyway, the diagram shows this chart stating what is an ideal body measurements for a woman.

How has K-pop changed your perception on body image and ideal sizes?

So, I did mine and what came out as a result bothered me a bit. Because I am not in the ideal range except for my calves!

waist size of kpop idols

Chest: And the ratios given above are generally targeted towards Asian women who tend to have smaller frame than non-Asians who usually have more voluptuous bodies compared to ours.

Remember, the ideal ratio given above is just ideal ratio and at the end of the day, whatever makes us feel at ease is what best for us. We might want to have a body like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, J. Lo, Goo Hara, Jessica Jung, Lee Hyori but the thing is, those bodies are not easily attainable by ordinary women like us because we have school, work, indulgences and so on.

The ideal for my height was a with Pear shaped women look good in fitted dress and almost everything else! The ideal was50cm thighs. I feel much better about my self image after this.

Thanks for this! Your waist! So dainty! Once you learn how to be happy in your own skin, you start to feel better. Instead focus on the good points of yourself. It made my day You see, we tend to put down ourselves under the influence of media. The thing is, all of us are in ideal range when we are fit and healthy. We just have to learn ourselves and find out our better sides and enhance it. They enhances their better bits! You are so tall!

And your ratios are absolutely fine. It weirds me out in general. My measurements are smaller than for someone my height cm.

waist size of kpop idols

If I just stick to the chart, the result is falsely flattering. It explains my actual proportion and body measurement. But I hope my tampering with math may bring something useful to the table.By Twice slay yo lifeApril 6, in Celebrity Photos.

For all of those saying Rose, Rose's waist isn't actually as thin as you thought. AOA's Mina is really small. SO for me. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Celebrity Photos. Other Waist femals idols By Twice slay yo lifeApril 6, in Celebrity Photos twice blackpink redvelvet aoa gfriend.

Recommended Posts. Posted April 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Right now? Hara will always be the original ant waist kween. So far, Mina has been the ant waist queen.

BlackPink Lisa's Waist

Wasnt it hara and mina?? I think it's Mina But bona is really tiny too. Mina, obv. Dal Shabet Ahyoung. Not sure about smallest but Naeun has a really tiny waist.

Mina revealed 18 inches waist and Naeun Posted April 7, AOA Mina obv. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept.It goes without saying that K-pop is an industry that places a premium on looks, and one of the biggest aspects of this is body size. With very few exceptions, K-pop idols generally conform to an "ideal body type" of being super thin and slim, and this perception of the "perfect figure" has affected what some K-pop fans think of as being acceptable in terms of body size.

With Reddit being the home to a large number of fans who have diverse tastes and interests, the answers were certainly very interesting. Here are some of the comments made by K-pop fans in regards to how their perception of body image and cybebullying has changed during their time as a K-pop fan:.

This is the one thing about kpop that I feel changed me for the worse to be honest. I feel like before I got into kpop the ideal body type I had in my mind was less perfect. First of all, it changed my perception of myself - even if I know kpop idols are often too thin, I think they look really good and without realizing I got so much less confident about my weight and looks in general.

Secondly - I do feel bad about it - but sometimes I get critical about how idols look. Of course some idols look better with more kg since they seem starved. But for example when someone puts on weight during their break I often think they looked better before.

Disclaimer: I never leave actual comments online, it's all in my head since I realize it would be an asshole thing to say. But with all that said - I never understood how people online can be so heartless and write such mean things about others. There is so much hate in some comments I can't comprehend how someone can be like that. Considering I'm an East Asian female who's fairly big, I do think kpop has made me more self-conscious about my physical traits, but my culture in general also emphasizes physical traits as well.

However, it also motivated me to exercise more, which isn't bad since I usually don't anyway. I'm not starving myself to lose weight, but I do try to eat healthier foods. For my face, I've started leaning more toward the Korean makeup style because it flatters my East Asian features than American makeup does.

In regards to body image, I do think the "ideal" image has changed has I got more into kpop. But in Kyla's case, she's only 15 and she still has baby fat. It will eventually go away naturally so I don't understand k-Netz bullying her and threatening her to diet.

Korean teenaged girl here, I think I've definitely become way more conscious of my body and my weight.

Knowing your body type kpop~ cocktail

I was always underweight growing up, but after puberty I grew to a healthy weight. And then I started to get into kpop and my weight is definitely going down again.Truth to told, if someone tell you that K-pop trend will die down soon, then they thought wrong.

Korean music industry is like American music industry as they just continues to grow throughout the years. Idols are now reaching out to their overseas fans with concerts or showcases and even touring around the world. It is only part of the beginning of K-pop invasion and it is set to stay for a really long time. Regardless of how K-pop haters have extreme opinions on them, but the idols continue to shine with their devoted and loyal fans whose have always been supportive of their work.

But idols are not just being glamorous and famous through their career as there are many different kind of aspects of life needed to be taken care of especially their body image and attitude. As idols are believed to be the embodiment of perfection, many fans became obsessed with their beauty and find ways to change their overall appearance. The beauty culture has evolved with so many terms and concepts that are frequently used among the K-pop community. For some, their consistency in working out and eating healthy food help them to build up muscles around their stomach area.

waist size of kpop idols

With size zero models dominating the fashion world, the ant-waist seems to dominate the K-pop world instead as many idols were seen having a very thin waist. Her waist size instantly became a hot topic among the netizens during that time and described her waist size as the waist size of an ant.

However, the term still continues to be used until today. What do you think of the body images in K-pop world? Would you follow the beauty standards of K-pop? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below! Around the Globe Malaysia. Beauty Celebrities Featured. Tags : KPop. Adrina Hoi. Born and raised in the suburbs of KL, I grew up in yesteryear's pop culture under the influence of my family especially my parents. Basically, I am a movie buff.V-line, s-line, x-line, ant waist, small face, honey thighs, golden proportions.

Korean beauty standards, and specifically K-pop beauty standards, are based around a list of specific traits and proportions that when put together make the perfect body. Some of these traits, such as a v-shaped jaw, are gained though biology or surgeryand some, like the ant waist, can be gained through dieting and exercise. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, but the specific proportions that are ideal in K-pop end up contradicting each other, making perfection difficult to reach.

When multiple ideal body proportions are grasped by luck of the genetic draw, or some other method, it tends to end up looking more unnatural than beautiful. Do you consider the small size of your head and face to determine your beauty? Well, both of these are desirable traits in K-pop. There are a number of idols who fit the tiny face description and their faces are often measured in units of food.

Jaekyung of Rainbow posted pictures of herself on Twitter in which a cookie was placed in front of her head and it covered her entire face, and similarly, Youngjae of B. P posted pictures of himself with a hamburger covering his entire face not surprising since it was an American hamburger. Not only is having a small face desirable in K-pop, but having a small head in general is as well.

Along with having a small face, having big eyes is also a desirable trait in K-pop. These are just two examples in a list that goes on and on and on, and, let us be honest, includes many idols whose large eyes are anything but natural. To increase the large eye look, a lot of idols are wearing circle lenses these days, which makes their eyes look bigger by increasing the diameter of their irises, but it is fairly obvious that it is unnatural when seen up close.

Since, genetically, it is contradictory to want to have a small face but to want facial features to be large, when these two traits are actually combined it causes the face to have a disproportionate look, reminiscent of a baby animal. A good example of this is the Jo twins from the group Boyfriendbecause they have both small faces and giant eyes, with a v-shaped jaw line to boot.

This has resulted in them being compared to many small animals such as sugar gliders and called scary by the international netizen community. On the other hand, the Korean audience seems to find the twins extremely handsome, which speaks to the culture difference in beauty standards. What about body size in general? Well, obviously being skinny is the ideal, but having curves is also important.Idols all have their own strengths and appeals that draws fans in, a lot of the time sadly these things have to do with their bodies.

Here are 5 female idols with enviable I mean if you want a tiny waist tiny ant waists! Mina of AOA has a very tiny waist and her fellow members say that it gets even tinier when she doesn't eat not encouraging avoiding eating. One of the og ant waists, Goo Hara has even been suspected of removing her ribs for her waist line. People were estimating it to be way less than that because of these pictures, but she revealed it was 24 inches saying "I'm human, too".

This means that at her thinnest it was probably around 21 inches! Netezins were shocked at Irene and Seulgie's waist sizes and guessed that Seulgi was around 24 to 25 inches.

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Likes Comments 3. Like Nounney Xayy. Alice by Park Jeonghwa Author. Into K-Pop? Join the community. Get App. More from Alice by Park Jeonghwa. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.Tags: blackpink lisa. Her waist is really small … And her face is just a fist What? FsfsksfBiancaMcGrawglxy10 and 5 others like this.

For the 'she's unhealthy, the company is starving her' comments. She literally said she and Rosie are doing a 'gain weight diet'. Also i find Lisa just as skinny as Hara but no one ever complained about Hara, in fact they use to compliment her ant waist as well as AOA Mina. Xoxo7purpleyellowChaittra and 5 others like this. CherrySoda Super Rookie. She's started to gain a little weight.

Some Twitter Blinks were gleeful about spotting cleavage when she bent down at the Melbourne show. She'll probably stay technically underweight because that's K Pop.

She and Rosie are tall too, so if they are eating the same diet as Jisoo and Jennie they will be thinner. But I agree with clio22, you either have a nipped in waist or you don't. It's near to impossible to achieve it if it's not in your genetics. Ughhhh Super Rookie. As long as she's healthy, she looks good. NemuriNezumi and CherrySoda like this. She looks like she eats once on camera and dosent eat for two weeks after that Its a bit worrying. Gamessuprememadisyn and LeahFrey like this.

EjellieBean Rookie.

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